Arco Linux is my new operating system

Arco Linux is my new operating system since a few months ago. I was quite happy with Garuda Linux, but I don’t take any advantage from their Zen kernel, I moved to I3WM (I’ll talk about this someday in the future) and I’m much more satisfied with the window manager that I was with either KDE or GNOME. Now my workflow is really what I want it to be, it is tailored to what I want. Tailored to what I use.

So I would say that Arco Linux is an easy way to have a functional Arch Linux. I liked Garuda Linux, and I think I liked it because I’m liking Arch Linux based operating systems. Yes, it is really beautiful (the dragonized edition is really cool), but I get bored of having so many colors. I prefer something simpler and I prefer something that suits my way of working.

I moved in June 2021, but I haven’t typed much since then. I’ll try to correct that and write some new articles.

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